Alphabet District Food Tour

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Come discover with us!  Explore delicious eats in one of Portland’s hippest neighborhoods! The Alphabet District is a collection of unique neighborhoods such as Nob Hill, Slabtown and the Pearl.  This area is filled with iconic local shops, fine dining establishments, hipster haunts, and local outposts for international brands.  Victorian homes, repurposed warehouses, and new urban developments define the landscape in the Alphabet District.  Our guides will curate a memorable three hour afternoon filled with the unique history of this neighborhood's culture and food.  On this 1.5 mile foodie walking tour we will sample some of the best food and drink Portland has to offer, including locally inspired fusions, artisan cocktails, hip food carts, and more!

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy 6 food and beverage stops that showcase the creativity and variety of Portland's fine dining mecca
  • Learn about NW Portland’s history and how Nob Hill, the Pearl, and NW 23rd helped to create the Rose City
  • Explore streets lined with local shops and international staples as you meander through Portland's "high street" 
  • Meet the chefs who play such a key role in making Portland the foodie city it’s become
  • What is included in the tour? EVERYTHING!  Our tours are all-inclusive.  Your tour package includes all curated tastes, crafted beverages, and vendor gratuities.  However, your tour guide will always appreciate any gratuities if your are feeling generous at the end of your tour. 
  • Is there alcohol on this tour? Yes! This tour will feature the option for an alcoholic beverage to participants over the age of 21.  All tour organized alcohol is included in the experience price. 
  • How many people will be on the tour?  Our goal is to curate an entertaining and informative environment with no more than 12 guests allowed on any tour.  Most of our tours have less than 8 guests, and provide plenty of one on one attention with our experienced guides. 
  • Where does the tour begin or end?  This tour will start somewhere in the diverse environment of NW Portland with specific start point provided in your confirmation email. 
  • Can you accommodate specific dietary requirements? Yes! Portland is one of the best cities to explore how our restaurant partners can create amazing tastes while embracing dietary restrictions.  Please include any dietary restrictions on the participant booking page, and if you forget just let our office know.